Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Game Night - 5/4/2011

Game night on 5/4/11 was hosted by Erik.  In attendance were Erik, Daniel, Matt, Condo, Darryl, and Todd.  Austin was there early on, but had to leave early so did not have a chance to play.  This was the largest turnout for game night in quite some time, and it was Todd's first time joining our group.

With such a large group, we decided to play 7 Wonders.  This is one of the newer additions to my collection, but has quickly become my game of choice for large groups (it takes 3-7 players) and for newer players.  Even with a large group, the game does not drag because everyone takes their actions simultaneously.  So with 3 players or with 7, it still takes about the same amount of time.  It is also easily explained within 10 minutes.  The concepts are easy enough for newer gamers, but interesting enough for experienced players.  And the 7 different civilization boards, each with 2 sides, adds variability between games.

Darryl won with an impressive 53 points.

Our second game was The Traders of Genoa (or just Genoa, as the newer edition of the game is now called).  I recently picked up a used copy of this game from Pair-A-Dice for $20.  This was my first time ever playing the game, so setup and rules explanation took a bit longer than normal, but we got the hang of it after a few turns.

Darryl and Condo sat out this game, so it was just me, Matt, Erik & Todd.  Traders of Genoa is a negotiation game, where you play the role of a trader trying to make money by filling orders and delivering messages throughout the city.  What makes it interesting is that just about everything is up for negotiation.  You can trade goods, order cards, special cards, or money to get the things you need.  Because everything is up for negotiation, there is little down time, since all players can be involved in negotiations.  I barely won this game, with just a few ducats more than Todd in the end.  Now that we understand the game, we want to play it again soon.

The beers we enjoyed this evening were:
Shipyard - XXXX IPA - Nice Imperial IPA.  One of the best I've had from Shipyard.
Left Hand - Wake Up Dead  - An Imperial Stout I brought back from Denver.
Mikkeller - Big Worse - Very potent barley wine.
Karl Strauss - Blackball Belgian IPA - I liked it, but not as much as Stone Cali-Belgique.

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